Hello, my name is Kristi Peek and I own Embrace the Journey Travel. Our team specializes in Alaska travel. I normally travel to Alaska at least once during the summer season each year. 

What to expect traveling to Alaska in 2022

These are my predictions on what the Spring and Summer Season for Alaska travel in 2022 will look like. 

What to expect traveling to Alaska in 2022
Picture from our meetings aboard the Norwegian Encore in Summer 2021 as they returned to sail.


We are expecting to see a semi-normal cruise season return. My team and I was able to sail last summer with Norwegian Cruise Line and it was fantastic to see a return to sea in Alaska. The cruise was a normal incredible experience in 2021 and I expect the cruises to be even better in 2022! 

What to expect traveling to Alaska in 2022

Land Travel

Alaska Railroad trip in 2021

We are expecting to see an increase in land-only trips in Alaska. If you are thinking about a land-only trip via rail, small tour group, or self-drive we highly recommend booking earlier rather than later for the best availability. You can read more about land only trips in Alaska here.

There are many choices for land-only rail trips, a combo of rail, bus, and boat, or small group tours. 

Then there are cruises in which you will see Coastal Alaska or Land & Sea Alaska Cruises where you see both coastal and inland Alaska. 

Tips When Planning

These are important factors to keep in mind when planning Alaska 2022. The United States is still experiencing a worker shortage (that we hope is much better this Spring and Summer season 2022) but you still want to: 

#1 Book early.

#2 Book Excursions early and pre-plan everything possible, even dining reservations when traveling on land. 

What to expect traveling to Alaska in 2022
My husband Charlie fishing in the Summer of 2021

#3 Work with a travel agent who specializes in Alaska, so that they can guide you through booking Alaska. You will need a travel agent who understands all current rules and regulations for cruising. 

#4 Think about what is the most important for you to see. Is it: wildlife, certain flowers, do you want mild weather, or are you okay with cooler temps? 

#5 Do you want to fish and if so, is there a certain type of fish you want to catch? 

Best Times to Travel

The Alaska Cruise Season for Spring/Summer and land trips start in April and go into September. I expect to see a very busy June to August. The slower season where I expect to see fewer crowds will be Mid-April to Mid-June and then late August to September. 

If you want to see the Northern Lights then we suggest visiting from late September to March so you have an increased chance to see the Northern Lights during this time period. 

My biggest prediction for Alaska 2022 is that it will be the most normal season we’ve had since 2020 and Covid. 

This is always subject to change, but from my past experience and what we are hearing for 2022, travel to Alaska should be INCREDIBLE. 

Do you have questions about traveling to Alaska in 2022? If so, you can reach out to our team here.