This port is not as popular as Juneau, Seward, Skagway, or Ketchikan, but it should be. Sitka is a hidden gem. 

I was lucky enough to sail on a cruise that stopped in Sitka, and I fell in love with the small Alaskan port town. When I was visiting, you could feel more of the Russian influence in Sitka than in the other ports. There are lots of hand-crafted nesting dolls for sale. I bought many Christmas gifts while visiting Sitka. 

Sitka Alaska


Sitka is a unified city-borough in the southeast of the U.S. state of Alaska. It was formerly known as New Archangel while under Russian rule from 1799 to 1867. 

Sitka has a population of  8,407. 

Top Excursions


My husband Charlie’s favorite type of fishing in Sitka is ocean fishing for Alaska salmon and halibut, but there are other types of fishing, such as freshwater fishing. You can also book a multi-species charter to add some rockfish, cod, and bass.

Sitka Alaska

Scenic Tour – Bears & Totems

  • Capture amazing views of Sitka, its stunning harbor and fishing fleet
  • Learn about Japonski Island’s fascinating World War II history
  • Get an inside scoop on how real Alaskans live
  • Meet the rescued Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears up close
  • Take a short walk to snap photos of the stunning totem poles and the beautiful Indian River

Sitka Alaska

Whale Watching

You can never go wrong with this one. Alaska in the summer has some of the best Whale watching on earth. 


Just take in the quaint town. I love walking around Sitka and enjoying the beauty of the town. There are lots of great places to eat and shop. Sitka is a great place to buy Christmas gifts. 

Sitka Marine Wildlife Tour

  • Enjoy a tour packed with incredible marine life exploration, adventure, and lots of photo ops! 
  • Enjoy the majestic beauty of Sitka from a view that only a few get the privilege to see
  • Chance to see whales, sea otters, eagles, and sea lions in beautiful Sitka, Alaska

Take a look at where Sitka is located in Alaska. It’s in a Temperate rainforest which has great hiking and is filled with big trees and animals. It is really incredible to see. 

Sitka Alaska

I highly recommend this hidden gem of a town. You will love it. Reach out to our Alaska experts to start planning your trip to include Sitka.