Deciding to experience the vast beauty of Alaska for the first time can feel overwhelming; a cruise is the perfect option to get a taste. 

Ovation of the Seas

I have been thinking about visiting Alaska for quite some time now and finally got the opportunity via a Royal Caribbean cruise on Ovation of the Seas. It was the perfect vessel to bring visitors to some wonderful locations of The Last Frontier. Ovation accommodates just under 5000 passengers and while that may seem like a lot, the common areas never felt too crowded or full of people.


Our first stop was Juneau. As we went through the icy strait on our way into Juneau, it was just the most peaceful and interesting views of small islands full of evergreen trees. Then we docked and got to really view the beauty of the landscape. 

Crusing to Alaska

We had planned on a helicopter ride to the glacier, but due to low fog it was canceled. Luckily, there are many excursion vendors on the pier with other options, we chose whale watching and it was the most wonderful experience viewing such large creatures pretty close.

With excursions I would suggest to book your most wanted, but be flexible with other opportunities because no matter what you choose it will likely be an experience you won’t soon forget.

When your stomach is growling head over to Tracy’s Crab Shack for a bite. Now, I am not a seafood fan, but I will eat shrimp. The battered shrimp was super tasty and not at all greasy, definitely a win in my book!


The second stop brought us to Skagway. It is an adorable small town that is famous for its White Pass Railroad. If you find yourself in Skagway I highly recommend any excursion that includes the railway. The scenery is just truly magnificent at each turn and you are able to go out on an outdoor landing of your train car to really experience the views.

Don’t forget to take a little time strolling around town. There are many small local shops and eateries to choose from. If you are a fan of coffee, stop into Glacial Coffee House and sip on one of their specials. Some of our group also said their sandwiches were great as well.

Glacier Viewing

While it’s not a stop that you get off at; Dawes Glacier is a true sight to see and I truly could have spent all day taking in the views from our balcony.


The last port was Victoria, British Columbia. It was a beautiful day and it was wonderful to walk around and see all of the blooming flowers with backdrops of Victorian buildings. Everywhere I looked there were different pops of color. I also really loved seeing tons of local artisans and chose my souvenirs from them instead of the more mass produced ones available. 

If you are wondering how to introduce yourself or someone to Alaska a cruise is the perfect way to go. I know I am already planning my second (and third!) trip to the 49th state.

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Thank you to our Cruise Manager Stephenie Surber for sharing about her first experience to Alaska. Learn more about Stephenie here.